A&E Kirk – Demons at Deadnight

21 april 2012

A&E Kirk – Demons at DeadnightDemons at Deadnight by A&E Kirk
Serie: Divinicus Nex Chronicles #1
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Published: januari 2012
Rating: 5 Stars

Voor zeventien jarige Aurora Lahey is overleven een lifestyle.

Aurora heeft de meest waardeloze gave van de planeet. En het heeft de moordenaars uit de hel ontketend. Demonen zijn op jacht en kwijlen bij de gedachte om haar karkas tot confetti te verscheuren.

De Hex Boys; mysterieuze, knappe jongens en berucht om hun pad van vernietiging, het antwoord dat Aurora nodig heeft om te overleven. Maar hun vele dodelijke geheimen en verdachte motieven maakt vertrouwen in hen een potentieel fatale beweging.

De strijd om haar familie en zichzelf te redden en het stoppen van de demonische overheersing kan Aurora alles kosten wat het leven de moeite waard maakt en haar dwingen om haar eigen donkere geheimen te onthullen. Maar geen zorgen. Ze heeft de Hex Boys om haar te helpen en de kans is groot dat samenwerken met deze jongens toch haar dood wordt.

Wow . . . . . ik ben er helemaal ondersteboven van. Dit is voor het eerst sinds lange tijd dat ik een boek weer een gouden ster ga geven. En niet alleen omdat de Hex Boys stuk voor stuk Hot zijn . . . . . alhoewel dat natuurlijk wel mooi meegenomen is; 6 gespierde knappe jongens die met z’n allen 1 meisje moeten beschermen . . . . .  en alle 6 zijn het geweldige karakters: Tristan is de rustigste en de buurjongen van Aurora, hij klimt regelmatig via een boom haar kamer binnen, Logan is de verlegene van het stel maar kan geweldig goed dansen, Blake maakt je constant aan het lachen met zijn geflirt en dubbelzinnige opmerkingen, Matthias komt uit Australië, ziet Aurora liever gaan dan komen en is de leider. Jayden, met zijn surferboy looks, is de ‘nerd’ en zijn broer Ayden heeft de bad-boy looks, het leren jasje en is letterlijk en figuurlijk smoking hot. Aurora is een pittige, koppige en stoere meid die zich niet zonder slag of stoot laat beschermen door de Hex Boys. Ze vertrouwt ze voor geen meter want nadat ze ze een keer heeft afgeluisterd weet ze zeker dat ze niet blij zullen zijn als ze horen dat ze door de demonen de Divinicus Nex wordt genoemd. Daarom verzwijgt ze dit belangrijke detail voor ze. Het boek start middenin de vlucht van Aurora voor een demoon, een vlucht die eindigt in de armen van Ayden. En vanaf dat moment komen we in een wervelwind van gebeurtenissen terecht die pas stopt als je het boek uit hebt. Het is spannend, heeft ontzettend veel humor, is heerlijk romantisch en er zitten een paar gruwelijke stukjes in (rilling over je rug).
Hieronder vind je de eerste 4 regels en ik wed dat je gewoon moet weten hoe het verder gaat na deze regels . . . . .

Someone’s car was totaled and it wasn’t my fault.
But who’s going to believe a teenager?
“The demon did it” excuse, while more creative than “the dog ate my homework,” was still as unbelievable. And much more likely to get me sent to the psych ward. So when the fang-filled flying hellion barely missed me and dropped like a wrecking ball onto the SUV, exploding shattered bits of glass and vehicle parts in my direction, I ditched the scene pronto.

….. maar ben je nog niet helemaal om, lees dan de rest van het 1e hoofdstuk hieronder:

Demons At Deadnight, chapter one:

Someone’s car was totaled and it wasn’t my fault.

But who’s going to believe a teenager? “The
demon did it” excuse, while more creative than “the dog ate my homework,” was still
as unbelievable. And much more likely to get me sent to the psych ward. So when
the fang-filled flying hellion barely missed me and dropped like a wrecking
ball onto the SUV, exploding shattered bits of glass and vehicle parts in my
direction, I ditched the scene pronto.

And didn’t look back. The savage grunts and metallic squeals provided a hefty
deterrent. Like I needed more nightmare material.

I shot from the trailhead’s near-empty parking lot and booked it down the road. A
log-rail fence lined the thick woods, and when the demon’s furious screech
closed in from behind, I cut right. One hand planted on the top rail, slick
from a recent rain, I swung my legs sideways, up and over. Home free.
Until my bottom foot clipped the post, and I spun as if caught in a crocodile’s death

Good news? The spongy forest floor cushioned my fall.

Bad news? Momentum slammed my torso into a tree trunk. Couldn’t breathe.
But good news again. I’d rolled under a fat, bushy pine, which, along with the
fading twilight, concealed my position. I heard the beast fly overhead in pursuit, taking out a few treetops on its way by.

Yeah, that was my plan all along. Man, I’m good. Except my body. It hurt.
My pity-party lasted until I could suck in a breath, then I pushed to my feet and
headed for home. Demons salivated over remote locations like this. I needed to

Side aching, breath choppy, I shuffled-limped-jogged into town, made it to my
neighborhood, and relaxed. Civilization. Where the demon wouldn’t follow and—
Talons clicked an ominous rhythm on pavement.

Wrong had become my default choice.

I ducked behind an oak, huddling, chilled in my fear-and-sweat soaked T-shirt.
A malicious laugh churned through the air.

“Hide and seek. My favorite. How thoughtful of you to commence a game.” A touch of crazy tinged the demon’s smooth voice. Panic twisted my heart. “Ironic, is it not, that the great Divinicus Nex cowers in fear from that which should be her fated prey? A decidedly diametric circumstance.”

What? It’s irritating when the monster hunting you has a better vocabulary than your own. Maybe it could do my eulogy? This was crazy. I’d seen demons before but
they were small, ignored me, or ran away. But this one? Well, it was a different breed. A psycho on steroids, and it wanted me dead.

Its chances looked good.

With my Amazonian height and auburn curls highlighted bull’s-eye-red, all I was missing was an “Eat Me” sign taped to my back.

“You’ve got it wrong. I’m Aurora. Just some girl you don’t want kicking you back to your hellhole.” My plan to go on the offensive stemmed from my defense mounting to less than diddly and squat combined. Dusk began to devour precious daylight. My eyes ached from the frantic attempt to penetrate the emerging shadows. “Think of the embarrassment. The other demons will laugh and point, make fun of you behind your back. Your self-esteem will suffer and I’m late for dinner, so for both our sakes, I’ll let it go. Just walk away and I won’t come
after you.”

I hoped I sounded confident but I think my voice cracked.

Diffused light flickered to life from the surrounding houses. The ornate streetlamps lining the empty streets of the quaint mountain town buzzed to life reflecting
on the shimmering fog that slithered across the ground. A sporadic drizzle hummed against the leaves on the branches above.

“I believe you suffer confusion, Nex.” The volume of its voice lowered. Had it backed off, thinking I had something up my sleeve? “I harbor no trepidation but
that you remain alive. And my immutable predilection is to deliver your corpse in a profusion of pieces.” Then that laugh.

I couldn’t comprehend much of what it said, but overall, I wasn’t getting a warm
and fuzzy vibe.

I fought a hysterical burst of laughter. I had nothing, nothing, but long legs and adrenaline. The spattering of drops above changed harmony. Feathering down through the branches, a grey mist swirled into a vague form my eyes strained to focus on. Mesmerized by its grotesque and lethal beauty, I almost waited a second too long. I ducked. With a menacing crunch, bark chunks splintered as the demon’s claws gouged into the tree where my head had been seconds before.

I launched into a graceful ninja-like front roll, then stood my ground to face the monstrous heathen, fearless in my determination to vanquish the deadly foe.

Nah, just kidding. I bolted, discretion being the better part of not getting dead.

I’d been seeing demons for a few years now. Yeah, those nasty creatures that should be in hell but instead are wreaking havoc on earth. If they were close by,
sometimes I could even locate them using this weird second-sight that I wished would go Helen Keller. It was the crappiest superpower on the planet, but I’d dealt with my unfortunate situation in a mature and responsible manner. I ignored it. And so did the demons.

Until tonight when this one changed the rules and attacked while I was on my run. I’d tripped and stumbled over a rotting log which is why the SUV had taken the
death blow meant for me. Wish I could say it was a deviously clever move, but the truth is I’ve got grace management issues.

A guttural hiss vibrated the leaves. Ancient wings slapped the air with fury. The scary monster noises threatened to paralyze me, so I ignored them and
concentrated on running. Fast. Counting houses to keep the panic at bay.

Something darted out from my left, ground level. I swerved right, nearly falling, but kept going. I glanced back. A dog, one of those tiny, foo-foo things, scampered out on stubby legs, planted its feet, and started barking skyward. The demon diverted its sights from me and swooped down on the yappy mutt.

Dogs aren’t my thing.

I hate dogs.

And if this one was dumb enough to sacrifice itself for me, hallelujah. I kept running.

After I reversed course.

Stupid dog.

I dived head first and scooped up the mongrel as I slid by, feeling a rush of air from the giant beast passing overhead. A reddish sheen covered my eyes. I’d cut
it so close the demon’s talon sliced through my ponytail elastic and released an onslaught of thick massive curls that cascaded over my face.

On foot again, I flung back my hair and continued my retreat, the squirming dog growling protests against my chest.

“Ungrateful mutt,” I growled back.

I sensed a presence looming overhead and dodged into a driveway, happy to toss the annoying pup into a garage where it tumbled under a sedan. A blow from
behind lurched my body forward. I would’ve gone down but instead found myself airborne. And gaining altitude.

Not good, because last I checked, I couldn’t fly.

En ik kan het niet laten om ook deze yummie foto van de 6 Hex Boys te plaatsen . . . . .

Nou, als ik jullie er nu nog niet van heb weten te overtuigen dat je dit boek gewoon moet gaan lezen dan weet ik het niet meer. Ik kijk in ieder geval met smart uit naar het 2e deel waarvan helaas nog niet bekend gemaakt is wanneer die uit gaat komen.

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