Molly McAdams – Capturing Peace

23 mei 2014

Molly McAdams – Capturing PeaceCapturing Peace by Molly McAdams
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult
Published: april 2014
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Coen Steele has spent the last five years serving his country. Now that he's back, he's finally ready to leave behind the chaos of the battlefield and pursue his lifelong dream. What he wasn't expecting was the feisty sister of one of his battle buddies—who has made it obvious that she wants nothing to do with him—to intrigue him in a way no woman has before.

Reagan Hudson's life changed in the blink of an eye six years ago when she found out she was pregnant and on her own. Since then, Reagan has vowed never to let another man into her life so that no one can walk out on her, or her son, again. But the more she runs into her brother's hot and mysterious friend, the more he sparks something in her that she promised herself she wouldn't feel again.

Can two people with everything to lose allow themselves to finally capture the love they both deserve?

Deze introductie in de nieuwe serie van Molly McAdams, Sharing You, is een erg goed begin.
Het is een romantisch, erotisch en emotioneel verhaal en lekker vlot geschreven.
De personages zijn leuk en geloofwaardig neergezet en ook al is het verhaal niet verschrikkelijk origineel, ik heb er wel enorm van genoten.
In dit relatief korte boek maken we ook kennis met de persoon die de hoofdrol zal gaan spelen in deel 1, Brody.
Ik kijk uit naar dat boek want de samenvatting klinkt erg goed.
Vanaf 11 juni 2014 kunnen we Sharing You lezen.

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