WoW #100

8 mei 2015

Ik weet het, het is al lang woensdag geweest, maar door de verhuizing is mijn planning helemaal in de war en heb ik nog geen NMCoT klaar. Daarom nu een verlate WoW.

Waiting on Wednesday (WoW) is een wekelijks terugkerende rubriek die wordt gehost door Breaking the Spine. In die rubriek vertellen boekliefhebbers naar welke boeken ze uitkijken.

Deze week kijk ik uit naar:

25392871Titel: The Demon Door
Schrijfster: Kim Alexander
Serie: Powers of the Air #1
Genre: Adult, Fantasy
Verwacht: 19 mei 2015
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The demon Prince of Eriis has turned out to be something of a disappointment. Rhuun is crap at magic. He can’t fly, can’t even shoot flames from his hands. His poor girlfriend has just about had it with him. It’s no wonder he drinks. All Rhuun really does is daydream about visiting the other world, the world without magic—the human world of Mistra. No one has been there for a generation, but Rhuun knows all about the humans. He’s got a book. It’s the only human book on Eriis, and he’s been studying it his whole life. The fact that his book is a bodice-ripping romance novel, well… it’ll make his adventures in the human world a little more complicated.

Tip #1 – Human women do not generally like to be called “wench.”

In Mistra, Lelet va’Everly could use a little magic herself. Parties and boys have lost their luster, and she’s desperate for an adventure. When a bizarre, exasperating, extremely good looking – and hot (literally) stranger shows up, he might be the person, and purpose that she had been waiting for. But why does he keep calling her a wench?

Sometimes love doesn’t just change your own world… it changes all of them.


Waarom dit boek?:

Bij het lezen van de samenvatting begon ik spontaan te lachen en dacht gelijk “die moet ik lezen”.

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