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3 augustus 2016

Waiting on Wednesday is een wekelijkse tag waarin boekliefhebbers vertellen naar welke boeken ze uitkijken. Het wordt gehost door Breaking the Spine.

Deze week kijk ik uit naar:

Zomb-Pocalypse 3Titel: Zomb-Pocalypse 3
Auteur: Megan Berry
Serie: Zomb-Pocalypse #3
Genre: Young Adult, Horror
Verwacht: 31 augustus 2016

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Spoiler Alert: This book description contains spoilers, if you have not read Zomb-Pocalypse 1 & 2, reading this description will ruin a huge plot twist in the first two books.

Jane has found the cabin, her best friend Abby, and most surprisingly, her parents–but now the hard part begins.

For over a month, Jane has survived on the road amid flesh eating monsters with no one to tell her what to do, but now she has her parents hovering over her, stifling her every movement. They want to treat her like their little girl, but the Apocalypse has forced her to grow up in so many ways that she just cannot go back.

Surviving day to day on the road was hard, but building a life for themselves will be an even bigger challenge. Winter is starting to settle in, faster every day, and the group finds themselves in a life or death race to gather food and ensure the safety of the cabin from dead that seem to pop up everywhere. Nothing is truly safe.

Hard lessons are learned through deadly mistakes, friendships are strained to their near breaking point, and it could all be for nothing …

Waarom dit boek / Why am I waiting?:

Ik heb al een aantal weken zin in een zombie boek. Helaas heb ik tot nu toe nog steeds niets kunnen vinden dat me aanspreekt. Daarom ben ik ontzettend blij dat Zomb-Pocalypse 3 aan het eind van deze maand uit komt!

The last few weeks I’m in the mood for zombies but I haven’t found anything interesting yet. That’s why I’m glad Zomb-Pocalypse 3 is coming out at the end of this month!

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